Turn Off Printer Updates!

Epson offer to update your printer software and firmware automatically. This is supposed to be for your (the users) benefit - however....Changing the software that came with your machine WILL NOT improve the quality of your printer or improve the speed of your printer. It can however affect the usability of it in a way that cannot be reversed - including the ability to choose a compatible, more affordable cartridge than Epson's own.  Allowing these updates will often make your new printer ONLY work with genuine, OEM Epson cartridges. Often the update takes place while you arn't even at your machine, maybe overnight. The printer works one day and then not the next! This seems a bit unfair when you've bought the machine, installed it and had it working fine. Its a bit like buying a new car, driving away after filling it with Tesco fuel then the next fill at Tesco your car refuses to operate!

What Do I Do?
When installing your new Epson printer, you should at some point, be presented with the following installation screen.
Make sure you UNTICK the two highlighted boxes. If your screen looks different just make sure that 'driver' and 'firmware' updates are turned off. If you're not confident you can always switch off your internet access while installing the printer - it will then be impossible for your computer to search for newer software. If the computer asks you about updating the printer software again in the future just make sure you keep refusing.
What if I've already installed?
There is an option to turn off these automatic updates. You may need to search through the printer settings to find it. It might be just as simple as:
1) Right click the printer icon in the taskbar
2) Select 'Auto Update Settings' - you will be presented with the following box.
3) Select 'NEVER' on both Driver and Firmware settings and click 'Apply'.
What if its already updated itself?
Don't panic! We will be receiving over the coming months/years, new versions of the compatible cartridges to work in even the most updated software. However, this takes extra time and expense for the compatible manufacturers - which will end up being passed onto the user. These new versions can be a little more expensive for a while and may take some time to be available so best to take the precautions mentioned above. 
If you do experience any problems please feel free to give us a call on 01909 488270 where we will be happy to discuss finding a solution.