Brother P-Touch GL-H105 Label Printer

  • £23.99

Brother P-Touch GL-H105 Handheld Label Printer

Perfect for so many applications. The GL-H105 can help you to improve your efficiency and productivity by ensuring that your files, drawers, shelves, cables, plugs, PC's, plants, pots and seed trays are clearly labelled and easy to identify.  Offering high-quality results that are long lasting and designed to withstand the demands of the office and the great outdoors, the GL-H105 is lightweight and easy to use.  

Note: This product is coloured green as it was intended as a product for the garden however the specification is almost identical to the PT-H105 and hence also equally capable for use in the home, office, stockroom, on site etc.  

    Up to 20mm per second print speed.
    3,5,6,9 & 12mm TZe tapes available.
    Easy to read LCD screen.
    Built-in tape cutter.
    Easy grip design.
    ABC style keyboard.
    Our Code: ITH-B16  


We provide a comprehensive range of tapes for use with this printer including our excellent quality, low priced compatible tapes.


This product is also available as a bundle offer.